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View the images of the 15 mystery paintings that were at the Heist Event.


           No Butts About It          


              Watch Dog                    

         Turley Wine        



Exclusive Event Nation Wide

October 7th, 2006

 Only 25 Galleries nationwide are able to participate


The crazy olives have gotten into the Vodka again and have planned a huge PARTY!

15 pieces have been heisted from Godard’s Vault and are being released for

ONE NIGHT ONLY to Godard collectors.

It is such chaos; we do not know which pieces will be unveiled.

Here are the facts we know.

             15 mystery pieces will be unveiled October 7th .

        The pieces will arrive at the gallery in a locked case and combination will not be given until 30 min prior to unveiling.  NO ONE WILL KNOW WHAT IS INSIDE.

        All 15 pieces will have a 5 color full embellishment

        Each gallery will only be able to sell 1 each of 5 of the surprise images....... so.  ONLY 25 pieces WORLDWIDE  !!!!

        Each gallery will only be able to sell 2 each of the remaining 10 surprise  ONLY 50 pieces WORLDWIDE  !!!

        Retail - $1,595  for each piece...................