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Michael Godard's Previous Art Works

Bubbly Bath

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Fat Bastard 

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  In this piece I drew a huge fat grape, Fat Bastard that is being carried around by smaller grapes on top of a cork. The smaller grapes are fanning the Fat Bastard down, as he is led around a procession with a little grape tossing out rose petals.  I spent a lot of time making the bottle and reflections absolutely perfect. Fat Bastard is an actual bottle of wine that can be purchased at most retail liquor stores. 

Champagne Tango

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From left to right:
Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath,  Envy, and Sloth

Lover's Moon

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 I wanted to capture the feeling of the love of wine.  I started going to tasting, just to watch the people who go there.  Wow, people really take wine seriously!  One of the few tastes that I had, was Tulip Hill.  I loved the label and the wine and asked if I could paint it.  So, here is the love of wine. The deep red color, like a rose, means love; the moon means love.  People love wine, so I put the two lovers in the glass representing all of this.  This print has Tiffany 55 Karat Gold screened into it, to really give it the pop off the canvas feeling.


The Key to Wine

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This a great wine piece with great reflections on a beautiful Baby Grand Piano.  I painted his piece right after I got married so I hid our Wedding date on the stem of the glass.  Elli and I have this little running joke that we would like to be vampires, so we could be in love forever!  So I painted a vampire grape in the picture.  The grape hanging from the key of the piano has no reflection.


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